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A sturdy, eye-catching piece that’s ideal for displaying posters outdoors.

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Save money on ink and toner with Gimik Ink & Toner

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Gimik Media Inc. is a wholesale supplier of retail imaging products. We are dedicated to providing customers with not only fine-quality products at guaranteed low prices, but also a wide variety of innovative products that can sustain with the rapidly growing media industry.

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A thousand mile journey begins with one step forward, and so we started small with just doing graphic arts and then moving to building business signs for clients. Over time, our journey led us into producing and manufacturing display products for various clients that ranged from telephone companies to cosmetic salons. And like in every industry, when there is a demand, there is a need, and where there is a need, there will be a solution. Today, we’ve become a solution provider for display products. We distribute a wide range of trade show products, point of sale displays and even large format materials and equipment to complete our client’s need in all aspect of their projects. We truly make things convenient for you.

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